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SNOW SNOW SNOW! Tree care for snow / ice

As a reminder about winter weather with snow / ice.

The ice, wind and snow that mark winter can be quite uncomfortable to humans but it could also prove detrimental for trees.

Risk of Damage to Un-Pruned Trees

Part of winter preparation for trees: It is usually recommended that the trees are pruned when they become dormant. Branches provide an ideal landing place for snow, ice and other elements. The tree limbs could therefore be forced to carry more weight than they can handle, and this will make them snap or get bent. This is highly likely for pine trees.

Should heavy ice find its way onto the branches of a tree that is already bent, it is possible to exaggerate the bend and even to bring the tree down.

It might be tempting for a property owner to try and remove the ice. However, it is recommended that you allow the ice to melt naturally as other forms of removal might cause more damage to the tree. When the weather improves, consider seeking the opinion of an arborist on the actual health of your tree as it is possible that a bend could have damaged the tree’s root structure.

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