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Tree Service in Gainesville, VA

American Tree & Landscaping proudly serves the Gainesville, VA area.  

Gainesville, Virginia, is located in Prince William County, about 11 miles away from Manassas and 37 miles from Washington, D.C.


American Tree & Landscaping is fully insured with General Liability and Workers' Compensation policies.  We encourage you to verify coverage for any contractor you hire.

Gainesville VA Tree Removal / Stump Removal  

At American Tree & Services, our Gainesville VA Tree Service team provides excellent customer-focused stump removal services that help you turn your ugly stump into nothing to allow you to use your yard to it's fullest extent!  We have the pleasure of serving Gainesville VA and the surrounding Northern Virginia area.

We are skilled at our profession and have a successful team who is firmly dedicated to your complete satisfaction. 

Don’t be left vulnerable and left unsatisfied with a cut rate uninsured tree service. Work with the professionals who are fully insured and take your complete satisfaction seriously.  


We Offer A Full Range of Tree Services:

Reliable, Expert Stump Removal


Stump removal a great way to remove obstructions from your yard and create more space. Many homeowners, however, put off stump removal because it’s too difficult and does not guarantee results without professional help. That’s why hiring a professional, affordable stump removal company is a solid solution, allowing you to have what you want while still doing what you want and without the headache.

Here are some common reasons to hire a stump removal service: stumps are creating an unsafe environment around your yard, you need more even yard space for activities, or you just want a more appealing yard.


Efficient Stump Removal with our Carlton 7015HD Stump Grinder

After another tree service fells a tree or the tree falls over you are often left with an unsightly and pesky stump. Stumps can not be efficiently removed with a rental stump grinder, a saw or even by digging it out and those snake oils at the home improvement store do not work! At American Tree & Services, we specialize in stump removal so we have the right tools for the job. 

Often other tree companies will leave the stump on the property because they do not have the necessary equipment to remove it.

At American Tree & Services, our Gainesville VA tree removal / stump removal teams have all the necessary equipment to remove any tree and remove any stump safely and effecently.

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