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Fall Tree Care by Trimming Trees

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

As the leaves begin to fall from your trees, now is a perfect time to perform some necessary pruning.

Make sure you don't neglect this important task as limbs can break during heavy snowfall and cause damage both to people and property.

With the trees getting naked and giving up their leaves, it is a good time to schedule an annual checkup for diseases with your arborist. Dormant tree trimming helps prevent disease management by removing dead wood that can serve as placeholders for infectious vectors such as fungus or bacteria.

By having the tree checked before growth begins in early spring you can ensure better health throughout summer months when vegetation flourishes most vigorously along with fungal pathogens

If unsure of how or what needs trimming, American Tree & Services will provide expert advice so that the process doesn’t harm any part of your tree!

If you don't feel qualified to take care of the trees on your property, that's OK. It is better to leave it up to American Tree & Services professionals than neglect or prune incorrectly because our tree experts are here for any season and will help with year-round issues.

Our pros at American Tree & Services can ensure safety by taking proper action if there are problems with your trees during different seasons - they're safe hands!

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